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Just a notice to say my journal is friends only, if you want to be added then comment here - however I tend to only friend people I at least know of or share some interests with, because if anyone is here for fandom stuffs those posts are all public anyway for general enjoyment by anyone who strays here... This is also so my friends list doesn't get absurdly big, so hopefully any lack of me friending people won't offend anyone. :)

Still if you want to be added, then do say something and I'm not adverse to others friending me if they like.
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This was probably long overdue as I've never really done one, but now, there you go, it is done finally.

If you're cut, it wasn't personal, I'm just having a declutter; I mainly cut people for combinations of these reasons.
a) they fell off the face of lj/rarely update
b) we don't have anything in common anymore
c) we don't know each other well enough/don't talk anymore

If you think you got mistakenly cut - which isn't impossible if I managed to be oblivious to a username change - then please comment here.
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For those I know going to P4, did you need a badge laminating?

I'm gonna print off my badge to go in my lanyard later and I have an A4 lamintor. I can probably fit a few more things in the sheet so if anyone has anything they wants done let me know before 5pm tonight.
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Title: Almost Anything Goes (aka 'Three Times Helen Cutter Saved the Day')
Author: Purpleyin
Rating: T (for some violence and dark themes)
Spoilers: Up to the end of Season 2 finale.

Summary: Think what you want, but this life throws out much that you could never expect. Helen focused piece with other characters making an appearance, namely Jenny, Nick and Lester. Featuring one post-S2 Nick POV ficlet and two Helen POV AU/future ficlets.

A/N: Written for [livejournal.com profile] rodlox, as part of the Priemval ficathon, who asked for Helen saves the day – these are unorthodox takes on that theme but hopefully they fulfil it adequately. It's not all sunshine about her character but I hope the canon take on Nick's views doesn't count as badmouthing considering how it ends. I also tried to work β€œAn intelligent species that the fossil record never mentioned.” into it. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fififolle for betareading and AshsBoomstick for being my sounding board/inspiration.

What to expect )
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So, for anyone on my flist, or who reads my public entries, I'm currently appealing for Season 2 based McKay/Weir banners to use on McKay/Weir Central.

We've got captioned ones rotating on the main page, on refresh, from Season 1 that were part of a caption contest a while back and I was thinking it's time we got some new ones, hence this appeal.

They can be just Rodney, just Elizabeth, both of them and also team/general ones that look to be interesting for amusing captions. You don't get to caption them yourself - though you can submit captions to the suggestions that get will get voted on - but we give credit to both makers of the graphics and captioners on the site. For more details on specifications and how to submit please check out the news article on Central.

We've got a deadline for this of January 30th just to get the ball moving so we can hold the contests soon.
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Well, weekend has been both good and bad. Pretty sick yesterday, spent all day in bed sleeping, trying to sleep or reading. Finished Terry Pratchett's "Making Money," which as I'd heard suggested was not as good as "Going Postal". Still entertaining but not quite as good as expected. I've actually got through nearly all his books now, bar spin off Discworld ones, Strata and the rest of "Small Gods" I think. Recently read "Wee Free Men," "Amazing Maurice and his educated rodents," plus "Wintersmith" - all quite enjoyable even if technically classed as kids books.

Board games was good. No Seafarers of Catan sadly for me but we played Warrior Knights, took 5? hours including several food breaks but most was spent on learning rules and as complicated as it seems it starts to make sense fairly soon after the first round and I wouldn't mind playing again. Had a quick game of Fluxx before ordering takeaway, reminds me must fill in the blanxx for that amusingly, and after dinner we tried Sin City, the board game - possibly the second worst board game I've played, beaten only by The Invisible Man boardgame from 1940/50's that I cannot infact find mention of on the net.

mimi-review for Sin City boardgame )
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Taken from [livejournal.com profile] belisse. Following a read of this meta on lack of feedback I'm thinking I could do with pimping my gen/character stuff that I'm proud of (but get barely any comments on) about the place. I'm well enough known in the happy little SGA fandom niche of McKay/Weir but for any other fandoms or gen SGA stories, even straight main character angst/friendship things, seem to just sit about not getting much love. Hence I'm going to fill in this completely conceited meme in order to hopefully inspire people to read those fics that I adore myself.

5 fics meme )

That said, my 4400 in general I love to bits, loved writing and it's not a much loved fandom. I consistently had my betareaders being the only people who'd leave comments 90% of the time.

Also whilst doing this meme I found out that I have more than 100 fic posts, making the my fanfic tag a bit worthless since it wouldn't go back further than that. Hence now I'm leaving it for general talk of my fanfic and fics will be posted under for example the tag - my 4400 fic, my heroes fic or my sga fic etc. Should make it easier to find things within a fandom on my journal, though I really need to make myself a website to list everything on.

Time to tag people for the meme. I choose [livejournal.com profile] planetkiller, [livejournal.com profile] mari4212, [livejournal.com profile] wisdomeagle, [livejournal.com profile] tielan and lastly [livejournal.com profile] fanwoman, in the hope she'll start both using her LJ and getting her fic more out there.
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Because I figured a) I want shiny new fandom flisters and b) I thought maybe existing SGesque people might like to make new friends (nudges [livejournal.com profile] blackydragon who's currently getting into SG-1 in particular) I did the SG friending meme.

And here I am a PIMPIN'G it. You go. You comment. You get some (more) likeminded friends.

I added meself, predictably forgetting a number of key other fandoms I love (apologies to BSG, Lost, Dexter, The X Files/Lone Gunmen and Farscape).

And in other, but sad, news - the gateship was lost. I'm currently cursing either GIMP for crashing or [livejournal.com profile] fuskyb's lack of RAM. Sure he saved the file but the program saved a corrupt version over the top when it crashed. Grrr. It was looking so fantastic, I nearly cried when I found out.

Gate me

Mar. 5th, 2007 07:47 pm
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So, [livejournal.com profile] fuskyb held up my betareading/posting of betaed fic because he demanded out of the blue this evening to be shown what a Gateship's front looked like, and to keep it up on the screen for about five minutes so he could draw it. *pets the geek* You heard right, he called it Gateship (so like McKay or Ford...or an Ancient?) instead of a puddlejumper.

The sketch is looking awesome currently, with a drone - or firey sperm as he described it - attacking it. I asked why before beginning to fill in plausible reasons myself, merely proving to him that with scifi you don't need a reason, the fans fill it all in (icon anyone?).

Why do I share this with you, for those who don't know him? Mainly so any interested parties go over to his LJ and poke him should he not upload and post about it. He needs encouragement to share and share he should, I wish I could draw that well. Worryingly he's attempting to draw ME piloting the jumper!
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Had veggy metaballs with curry and rice for dinner. quite odd but surprisingly nice - always god when Henry cooks successfully. :)

Anyway, sharing a few sites with you all

Henry's blog - linux stuff and other amusement. I quite like his writing style.

Also this link. Lengthy but highly amusing. mil's page of "Things my girlfriend and I argue about" Alot funnier than it sounds believe me. :)

This is WWOMB (Wonderful world of make believe) a multi fandom archive for fanfic. Has some great challenges and lots of small fandom lsitings - I found it looking for 7 days stuff.

And finally the fic for today.
Blasphemous for me but I wrote Shep/Weir (*cowers from the McWeirites* It was for a ficathon!) - mostly friendship but enjoy, hopefully, because it's probably the only instance i write this pairing.

Title: Peace
Author: Purpleyin
Rating: General
Spoilers: Vague ones for Seige Part 2, definite for Seige Part 1 - set after Seige Part 3 but no spoilers for that.
Summary: Elizabeth feels lost but someone helps her find herself.
FOR: [info]naushika, who requested Sheppard/Weir, with the balcony, bonding and an apple.

Peace here )


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