May. 9th, 2008 03:20 pm
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For anyone with even a passing interest in Star Wars - how awesome is this?

Also, I shall point out FontStruct for on the fly making of fonts. Not sure if I'll use it but neat idea implemented.


Apr. 7th, 2008 07:33 pm
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Managed an 8 hour day today. Feeling good that I got a good amount of work done compared to all those short days last week because of the headache. It's kind of still there peripherally, but chiropractors tomorrow evening so hopefully that won't be an issue soon, at least not for another 4 months or so.

No sign of the ipod today. Only 4 days left for it to arrive on time. I'm also expecting two other parcels, from the US, one is my Sam N Max order and the other the return parcel from [ profile] weirfan. Hopefully they will all arrive this week and not next, since the latter half we'll be in Germany. I'm also a little anxious to have heard nothing further from new landlords about the signing of the contract that was to be either tomorrow evening or on Wednesday. We literally can't do it any other day and they'd suggested neither could they, plus we wanted to sign it before giving notice for here which we have to do this week as the months notice was to start on the 12th - this coming Saturday.

Anyhow, off I go to washup and then do a bit of tidying and cleaning too. Might have some free fun time by 9pm maybe. Don't quite know what to do, though it may end up spent figuring out RAM configurations as fixing the old pc provided one spare 1GB stick. I swapped it over in my lunchbeak but it's not currently recognising it, just the pair of 256mb. I had those plus another 512mb to start with, presuming it recognised them all would equal 1Gb between them - I hadn't realised this configuration was as so because it'd got changed from the original by some messing around by [ profile] fuskyb and [ profile] trs998 ages ago. I thought they'd put it back to my default but apparently not. :/
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Time for a pimping!

Firstly, everyone who likes tech, games or other geeky things should checkout [ profile] guruphil's new website DarkOrb. It's just finding its feet, is in need of content contributions but is certainly doing well for just a few weeks after launch. :)

For 4400 fans, I'd like to point out the newly revamped Jacqueline McKenzie (who, for anyone forgetful of names, plays Diana Skouris) community - [ profile] jac_aholic. It's now got open membership, though with posts moderated, so if you've got anything to add - Jacqui news, icons, graphics etc - I'm sure it would be loved over there.

Now for the SGA stuffs - Stargate Fan Awards has opened voting finally. I've got a few things nominated myself, plus I know there's tons of great fic, art etc in there as always, so you should check it out, no excuses!

I'm also gonna point out [ profile] rolleson has a poll up here asking about interest in a Sam Carter drabble-a-thon so if you might like to take part in one now or March you should go answer it.

Lastly, for McKay/Weir peeps [ profile] aaobuttons has got a One Word Prompt Party going on. Easy to join in, just pick a word and make of it what you will. :D
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There are two old pc games that I have been wanting to find for sometime. Not knowing what they're called is the problem and it drives me partially crazy every time I think of them and contemplate how they might be lost in the folds of the net, if they even exist anywhere anymore.

1. Platform game, quite pretty, from early 90's I'd guess based on how evolved the graphics were. I believe it had a ninja in it, that you play, but don't hold me to that. Certainly the levels I played looked oriental and the character was dressed in black martial arts robes. Mainly want to find this because it looked so majestic and I might not suck at it/won't have to wrestle the computer off my brother so would actually get to play it this time.

2. This one was later on in the 90's, worked on Windows (probably 95) and came on a Computer Shopper cover disc - not that this detail helps me since they don't have any archives for that on their website. Was a pet game but quite different from Catz or Dogz. Everything was acid bright colours, set in an apartment/living room, and the pet was some odd armadillo/anteater creature. You could be really mean to it. It was original for the time and quite amusing, I've wanted to see this one again for years. Think pet was in the title but that really doesn't help me in tracking it down.
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Firstly, I was listening to aforementioned internet radio station and a song came on, such a Supernatural song. I thought someone should vid it, noted song down only to realise later the currently playing thingy on the site was broken and despite knowing it probably played about 6AM over there I can't find the likely song on the playlist. Grr. I tried for ages just now and now the idea is lost because I can't work out which it is since there aren't lyrcis available for all of them. Heh, I shouldn't be wasting my time like that though.

The things that interested me and I've decided to point out would be the [ profile] fanthropology link to Why People Break up with their favorite TV Shows which seemed especially interesting with the end of SG-1 and much fandomwank and discontent going on in several different fandoms currently.

Also, a good excuse to be messy. I thought there was more but somehow not. Back to finishing Isis noms, last day and all.
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It's disturbing, but in the fun way - play Online Five Finger Fillet

And check out the carefully posed for amusement photos here on "Pictures Taken at the Right Angle".
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Thanks to b7-kerravon for pointing this out to me. h0rrid - as in David Hewlett's YouTube account, where the "A Dog's Breakfast" clips get posted - has one favourited video so far. I'd not noticed at all but guess what it is? My vid, Rodney McKay's Sunscreen!!!

Unexpected but unbelievably cool. Gods, I'm such a fangirl for caring but I'll be grinning all day (maybe all week?) now.
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This guy(Grant Gould)'s - artwork is da bomb! He does fanart for new BSG mainly it seems but also has ones for Star Wars, a damn cool Heroes one, a Rose/10 Dr Who print and 24, Lost etc - plus he does commissions. Really love quite a few of those. If it weren't so expensive (and if he had any SGA ones) then I'd be tempted to buy some to get signed at a convention.


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