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Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream Portrait Series - I love these, especially Whoopi Goldberg and Olivia Wilde's ones.


Take the Ada Initiative Census
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The media would like you to think so, so would the Bush administration and various other government worldwide who don't want to rock the status quo but looking at this graph and realising what it means is damn scary.


If the ice caps melt at the rate they're going at (the thick black line apparently shows actual figures as recorded by satellite images) then we mightn't have any ice cap left by as soon as 2020.

And the thing is individuals acting alone can't make enough difference to change that, it's got to be countries, governments, laws/practices, different ways of doing things. Now is the time to write to your MP, petition your government to do something more than the vague promises they put about to get that "green vote".

Today so far I have - written to my MP, my County Councillor (about cycling and allotment provisions), my District Councillors (about local common and allotments) am formulating letter for my MEP's in the European Parliament. Also signed up for the below.

I’m going to be helping to Recharge the Media in December, to make sure the media and the government get the message about climate change.

If you might be interested in taking part too – you can sign up here: http://recharge.stopclimatechaos.org/


May. 9th, 2008 03:20 pm
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For anyone with even a passing interest in Star Wars - how awesome is this?

Also, I shall point out FontStruct for on the fly making of fonts. Not sure if I'll use it but neat idea implemented.
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Time for a pimping!

Firstly, everyone who likes tech, games or other geeky things should checkout [livejournal.com profile] guruphil's new website DarkOrb. It's just finding its feet, is in need of content contributions but is certainly doing well for just a few weeks after launch. :)

For 4400 fans, I'd like to point out the newly revamped Jacqueline McKenzie (who, for anyone forgetful of names, plays Diana Skouris) community - [livejournal.com profile] jac_aholic. It's now got open membership, though with posts moderated, so if you've got anything to add - Jacqui news, icons, graphics etc - I'm sure it would be loved over there.

Now for the SGA stuffs - Stargate Fan Awards has opened voting finally. I've got a few things nominated myself, plus I know there's tons of great fic, art etc in there as always, so you should check it out, no excuses!

I'm also gonna point out [livejournal.com profile] rolleson has a poll up here asking about interest in a Sam Carter drabble-a-thon so if you might like to take part in one now or March you should go answer it.

Lastly, for McKay/Weir peeps [livejournal.com profile] aaobuttons has got a One Word Prompt Party going on. Easy to join in, just pick a word and make of it what you will. :D
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Firstly, I was listening to aforementioned internet radio station and a song came on, such a Supernatural song. I thought someone should vid it, noted song down only to realise later the currently playing thingy on the site was broken and despite knowing it probably played about 6AM over there I can't find the likely song on the playlist. Grr. I tried for ages just now and now the idea is lost because I can't work out which it is since there aren't lyrcis available for all of them. Heh, I shouldn't be wasting my time like that though.

The things that interested me and I've decided to point out would be the [livejournal.com profile] fanthropology link to Why People Break up with their favorite TV Shows which seemed especially interesting with the end of SG-1 and much fandomwank and discontent going on in several different fandoms currently.

Also, a good excuse to be messy. I thought there was more but somehow not. Back to finishing Isis noms, last day and all.
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It's disturbing, but in the fun way - play Online Five Finger Fillet

And check out the carefully posed for amusement photos here on "Pictures Taken at the Right Angle".
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People have probably seen this kind of thing before, but this one is new hence the linkage.

Loose Change - a 1hr 21 minutes 9/11 documentary by Korey Rowe, Dylan Avery & Jason Bermas

Obviously this is a sensitive topic for some, and fairly disturbing for anyone anyway, but I felt this documentary was interesting enough to recommend. Many intriguing, if also disturbing, facts brought to my attention that previous docummentaries I've seen haven't covered, like the Los Alamos voice morphing software, the bizarre phone calls and the extra 'explosions' that witnesses reported and can supposedly be seen on videos, plus the background going back to 1962 that was odd.

I'm sorry if linking this might upset anyone, and I have to say the theory presented in the documentary upsets me quite a bit - to think of anyone, no matter who it was, being that malicious to set something up is just... well, it makes me speechless. Yet I can believe that it's possible, that it isn't anything like the official stories claims - though obviously having it as sheer negligence would somehow be more comforting, not because it's a good thing but that it would mean no one has been that merciless.But for some money, and/or power, matters that much and more than anything.

But one thing no one has ever mentioned in anything like this, and I don't mean to trivialise it, is that episode of the Lone Gunmen where in fact they have a plot with a plane being programmed to fly into the WTO - the pilot episode actually. Which had the rather chilling mention on the DVD special feature where the writers described how they were trying to think of what could never happen. That they were writing it but were confident there would surely be people making sure that kind of thing wouldn't ever happen. Yet it was only a few months after the episode aired that 9/11 happened. Which is quite sobering. It happened on TV, under the premise that it was meant to be unbelievable, a thing of fiction and only fiction, and yet it happened...
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The Drabble-o-matic gave me these three ficlets.

#1 )
#2 )
#3 )
#4 )
I think the fourth one makes a surprising amount of sense for something completely randomly generated...
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Here's a quick advert for a new lj community I've created -

Stargate Lonely Ship fiction

For the crazy/rare pairings - none of major pairings are allowed but we do allowed it if it's multiship (e.g. Simon/Elizabeth with McKay/Weir angst) or OT3 etc so it's a great place for the rarer stories.

I figured most small ships have few people and can't support own thread or whatever and so this is a place designed for all of them to be aggregated - plus its for the rarer SG1 ships too - fiction, talk and vids all welcome - there's a March crossover challenge too and a few SG1 stories up already.


Jan. 13th, 2005 09:54 pm
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Ok, so learning java not going well.
My mind is incapable of taking a break from fanfic.
Currently keeping at bay, two letters from pegasus tags, the next chapter of too many scientists spoil the plot and the real hotzone fic. Plus a couple of drabbles and an unusual pairing one.
And I was intent on making a video too.

But spent today helping out with new atlantis message board of which I am now a mod. put quite alot of effort into it, helping the others who set it up. so come visit it at.

Other than that I'll get back to some betareading I must finish.


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