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Earlier in the week I got a bit incensed at a Tesco Clothing newsletter. Why? Because they had gaming tshirts advertised with the slogan "Boys to men...The whole family will love these" which I felt was rather thoughtless because the whole family can't enjoy considering they only stock boys/mens tshirts. Now I'm all for ignoring categories of clothing, but wearing men's tshirts can be tricky if they're tightfit and you have an ample busom so just buying the mens ones isn't exactly a great solution in all cases. More to the point I generally felt alienated by that slogan too, so I wrote to Tesco to complain that I felt it was excluding female gamers with that style of slogan when it could just as well have had a unisex and unoffensive slogan.

I actually got a fairly decent and quick reply, though the gist of which was that the slogn was because it was only men/boys tshirts and the lack fo female game tshirts was probably one of two things.

1) they didn't think they'd sell
2) the stockists don't make them

Regardless of which is the case I got told that they'd pass on my request to the buying team and that any other female gamers who wanted there to be more gaming tshirts could similarly contact Tesco's to say they would like to see them, as if there was enough demand proven then they might starting looking to stock them.

So if you're a female gamer in the UK, or know of one who might be interested in this, and you want more gaming tshirts at Tescos the email to politely poke them about this matter is: customer.service AT tesco.co.uk

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Gonna be spoilery for the first three episodes

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I was a bit surprised to hear someone mention this on a convention site, presuming they were refering to the props being sold off and extrapolating from that. The official site has no press release on the main page but checking out the official message board there was a post by Scott Peter yesterday. As you'd expect a petition for the fifth season is already underway.

What I'd mainly like to say is: damn.

I was so looking forward to season 5. The show may have had it's faults but it was good for pete's sake. I suppose it never helped to have a smaller viewer base being on a lesser known network but it was really ace scifi for at least 2 seasons, may have ambled down a bit in 3 and 4 but generally came out on a high point and the finale's for season were always ace, the last one in particular. Now we have that gloriously open-ended cliffhanger that won't be going anywhere and frakking hell I want to see the rest of the story. I do dearly hope they can continue the story somehow, comics or the like. :(
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I hate reading about the government throwing away money. Of course the alternative is to not read and be ignorant, but I care too much to be that. I just goggle at the coast and how much better spent that'd be on the NHS, education, the police - on paying teachers and nurses and fireman etc decent salaries they can live off. I suppose more money has been wasted on going to war (mustn't get started on that) but this I despise because they're trying to sell us on the idea of it being good for us.

From what I've seen, people either don't care, don't know or don't like it at all - generally - with some casually thinking it might prove useful. The whole thing is ignoring how dangerous the database concept is (the card itself isn't the worst idea ever though I think it a waste of money over current passports and other ID) and how they're relying on technology that is not ready for it, probably set up by contractors who like always won't deliver it on time or as it needs to be. The costs will spiral and we will pay for it. We don't need this. It won't stop terrorism, it won't help prevent crime - it will only complicate life.

I signed the petition against the scheme and I commented on it on a Labour pary feedback survey and all I got in response was standard spiel answers about how great it'll be for me, time saving etc and that the technology is fine - ignoring that it's so not better, the technology isn't there for reliability nor security, and fraud will be probably easier and more of a problem to deal with. Just imagine getting refused service somewhere "because the system doesn't recognise you" or you're already apparently registered for something despite you never having done that and how instead of them thinking hmm there might be a fault you'd probably get bullshitted with "but the system's never wrong" as if computers can't have faults nor be exploited. :/

What will it take to stop this? When I mention it to people I know usually they say they'll just refuse to have a card, ignoring that actually the plan is you'll be fined £1,000 (or was it £10,000) or face jail for refusing to sue them after a certain point in the future. They're going to compulsory and nothing so far has done more than halt their introduction. I just hope someone is brave enough to refuse first off and will get supported by the pledge fund that people promised to donate to should anyone require legal assistance for a boycott.
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Apparently Inland Revenue is rather screwing all of us with student loans over, at least a little bit. There's a petition against what they're doing here but for an explanation of what's going on I refer to [livejournal.com profile] hannah_hinda's post here

EDIT: This has been pointed out.

"If you have been identified as a PAYE or Self-Assessment repayer, interest accrual will be suspended from the start of the tax year until the end-of-year repayment details are received from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) (formerly the Inland Revenue). Interest for the previous year will then be calculated and applied to your account retrospectively upon receipt of your repayment details."

Apparently the above explains how we're not being screwed over, though I don't really understand how since all it says is it's suspend until end of tax year when it's then calculated - doesn't say how it's calculated, if we pay less interest each month based on how much the previous month paid off of the loan. I'm still confused personally...


Mar. 20th, 2007 10:47 am
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I got a fanvid, ironically my most loved one - Rodney McKay's Sunscreen - removed from youtube. :(

I do get why it was taken down, fanvids being copyright infringement but it still sucks and it doesn't make fanbases happy to have meddling like this. Now wondering if I should just take the rest down before they do it themselves and possibly ban me for having another 13 fanvids also breaking their violations. Is probably what the companies want though, maybe I should wait and just see if it happens.


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